Safety & Facilities

SafeChurch Certification

What is SafeChurch? 

A Safe Church itself is a sanctuary, where one finds protection, support, guidance, and the presence of God. Samaritan Counseling’s “Safe Church Project: Protection of Children and Youth from Sexual Abuse” program helps to create policies and guidelines developed in alignment with church mission and theological understanding to create a sanctuary where all can gather in an atmosphere of trust and safety. 

Why should Weaverland be a Safe Church? 

Recognizing Jesus Christ's tender love and concern for children (Luke 18:16-17), we commit to do all that we can to protect our children from every kind of abuse. We believe that each person is created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) and "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalms 139:14). As such, we place value and dignity upon each person. Together, as a community of believers, we strive to be a church family that provides for the protection of the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being of each person and child. 

Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community (Weaverland) also commits to: 

  1.  Be accountable to children and youth participating in Weaverland activities. 
  2. Minister the love of Christ by protecting children and youth from abuse. 
  3. Ensure integrity and accountability to guests and newcomers attending Weaverland. 
  4. Protect Weaverland members ministering to children and youth from allegations of abuse. 
  5.  Establish proper preventative measures to protect individuals against sexual misconduct as well as to specify courses of action in the case of allegations or an actual incident regarding sexual misconduct. 

Read our Child Protection Policy



Engaged? We are so excited for you as you begin the journey as husband & wife! We host non-member weddings once per quarter as availability permits. Learn more about wedding rentals—offerings, costs, facilities, etc. 

Here is some key information as you consider booking:

-Pastoral Reference needed

-No Sunday weddings

Wedding Information & Guidelines


If you wish to host a funeral or memorial service at Weaverland, we welcome you to review the guidelines for non-member funeral & memorial service rentals. 

  1. Viewing/family greetings must occur the same day as the funeral or memorial service.  
  2. Viewings, family greeting will not be hosted prior to 1:00 PM of the day of the funeral/memorial service.  
  3. Viewing/family greetings will be hosted in the Garden Chapel unless other agreed on arrangements are made.  
  4. The funeral/memorial service will be held in the sanctuary and will not be hosted prior to 3:00 PM. 
  5. Livestream of the service is NOT available.  
  6. Phone call-in service will be available at no additional fee at 717-844-9007. The call-in service will be available five minutes prior to the funeral/memorial service.   
  7. One master copy audio track of the service will be provided to the family for reproduction and distribution as desired.  
  8. If a meal or refreshments are planned by the family following the funeral/memorial service:   
  9. Fellowship Hall availability will be confirmed prior to the rental.   
  10. All food items will be hosted only in the Fellowship Hall.  
  11. The family will be responsible for all food preparations, paper supplies, and the cleanup of the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen spaces as outlined in the Rental Rules and Regulations.   
If you have additional rental questions, please fill out this form or call (717)445-6348 

Overlys Grove Park

If you are interested in renting Overlys Grove for your next gathering or event, please call Thelma Stoltzfus at (717) 354-8617.